Ashley Madison Cheating Fathers SEX FACTS

image 1 Ashley Madison Cheating Fathers SEX FACTS

Profile of cheating dads revealed…Men over 40 in IT

Does your husband work in IT, is he in his 40s with two kids?   As fathers anticipate their special day, June 18th, premier online affair service, anticipates their ‘cheat peak’ June 19th and warns wives with their survey results revealing the typical cheating father.

The infamous site reveals exactly what the average cheating dad is like – a father in IT, in his 40s, married for over 10 years and with 2 children. The survey profiled ‘cheating fathers’ who are signed up and seeking extra-marital affairs on – of its online casinos male members 76.5% are fathers. surveyed 11,453 fathers using the service, revealing a detailed picture of their lifestyle including:
·      Age: Most likely to be in their 40s
·      Profession: Most likely to work in IT (10.6%), followed by Financial Industry (8.2%), Education (6.5%), Doctors (4.6%) and Lawyers (3.8%)
·      Children: two ( 44.6%), more than 4 (12.2)
·      Married: Over 10 years (65.4%) / Less than a year (5.9%)
·      Affairs: 26.4% have had 6 or more encounters

The survey also revealed the reasons for seemingly happily married dads to seek extra-marital affairs, with 32.8% of men admitting they do so because they’re stuck in a sexless marriage and 29.7% doing it for a new sense of adventure.

Every year, confirms that 3-5 times more men sign up to the service the day after Father’s Day.  Biderman says that based on historic signups and these survey results, he expects another record number of new members this Father’s Day.

“Men are disappointed with how they are treated within their own family – a family they work so hard to provide for. This is the one day they are really hoping to be put on a pedestal and to have some wishes fulfilled that reminds them of why they work so hard – only to find themselves facing the same outcome as every other day – no sex, no intimacy, no appreciation.”

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