Cheating Neighbourhoods of Ottawa – Ashley Madison

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Ashley Madison’s Official Map of the cheating neighbourhoods in Ottawa!

NEIGHBOURHOOD AFFAIRS: Where in Ottawa do the cheaters prosper?

Bad behaviour in the Glebe to mischievous moms in Kanata –

Ottawa, ON, May 14, 2012 – Recently, premier online affair service,

blew the lid off Canada’s most unfaithful cities, the places with the highest per capita
membership. Now, the notorious website catering to those already in relationships,
shares Ottawa’s most cheat-friendly neighborhoods based on an overall membership of
almost 50,000.

According to new data regarding Ottawa’s membership per capita, the most affair
seekers reside in the Glebe, with Silver Springs and Upper Mount Royal rounding out
the top three. Below is the full list of Calgary’s least faithful neighborhoods.

Top 10 Cheating Neighbourhoods in Calgary per Capita:

“Ottawa is a city where who you are is strongly related to where you live. Each neighbourhood
has a personality and the people who live there tend to identify strongly with that,” says Noel
Biderman, founder and CEO, “The question everyone is asking is does the
community impact the people within it, or are certain personality types drawn to those areas?”

The affair service also found additional demographic data for some of the top neighbourhoods:
• Members in the family-friendly Nepean area have the most children on average
• Kanata boasts the most women under 35
• Sandy Hill members have the fewest reported affair partners

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