Runaway best seller Fifty Shades of Grey inspires wives to sign up to cheating website Ashley Madison

Fifty Shades of Grey AshleyMadison UK 725x1024 Runaway best seller Fifty Shades of Grey inspires wives to sign up to cheating website Ashley Madison

  • Desire to experience bondage-influenced romance has resulted in 50% daily increase in membership for


The fastest ever selling adult paperback Fifty Shades of Grey has inspired wives, bored with their vanilla marital sex lives, to sign up to notorious cheating website,, in order to find someone with whom to expand their sexual experiences including bondage-influenced romance.

The book tells the tale of Anastasia Steele and the charismatic Christian Grey as they enjoy a sub-dom relationship based on bondage and punishment. Premier online affairs service has seen a huge spike in its UK female membership since the so-called “mummy porn”[1] phenomenon has become the acceptable face of erotic fiction.

Noel Biderman, CEO of the notorious married dating website, said: “Our members tell us that they sign up to our website because they still love their spouse but they no longer enjoy a fulfilling sexual relationship with them, for whatever reason.”

Fifty Shades of Grey was published in June 2011 and has sold more than one million copies on Kindle, with online retailers Amazon saying that the Kindle edition has been outselling the print book at a rate of more than two to one.

Noel added: “It’s no coincidence that just as the majority of the book’s sales are via e-readers so people can enjoy erotica discreetly, those same people have joined our discreet website to find someone with whom they can experience the fantasies they’ve read about and now aspire to.”

As news of the book’s now mainstream appeal spread, with over 200,000 copies sold jameshallison casino last week, has seen its female membership rise by 50% daily.  Noel Biderman was so intrigued by this he polled 2,700 of the new female members[2] and 72% stated they read or are currently reading the book.
Additional member survey results showed:

  • 82% said they feel more sexual than ever and want to explore a variety of new, more erotic sexual experiences
  • 68% said after reading Fifty Shades of Grey they wanted to explore a submissive/bondage sexual relationship
  • 62% said they feared their husband would be shocked if they asked them to explore submissive/bondage sexual relationship

Noel said: “This isn’t the first time what might be termed a pop culture event has resulted in a spike in our membership numbers – Tiger Woods’ multiple infidelities and Jude Law cheating with his nanny all had people flocking to our website – but never before has a book been responsible for our gaining new members.

“My guess is that in addition to wanting more exciting sex, the book has made women realize that there is a real thrill to being served by an established man who knows exactly how to pleasure a woman.  Something that is thought to be taboo is obviously a very potent attraction.


“As far as we’re concerned, the sooner British author E.L. James writes another book the better.”

[1] The perceived demographic of its fan base is one of married women over the age of 30

[2]  signed up for the first time between April 1 – June 18

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